1. I want to expand my living room and it requires knocking down a wall. Can you do this?

    Yes, we are happy to assist you with all indoor building and construction projects.

  2. Do you build outdoor areas, such as pergolas and decking?

    Yes, we can help you with both the design and construction of these projects.

  3. What are the benefits of concrete sprayed pools or spas?

    Concrete pools can be constructed to almost any shape and have a much thicker surface than a fibreglass pool. Concrete pools also retain their strength when they have been emptied.

  4. Can you use sprayed concrete for ponds and water features?

    Yes. We can seal your pond or water feature using the same concrete we would use for a pool. Our truck has its own pump on-board, which can also be easily manoeuvred to the correct spot.

  5. How durable is powder coating?

    Powder coating is crack and peel resistant, has low corrosion properties and has little reaction to chemicals. This makes it an ideal treatment for metal located outdoors, including flyscreens and fence panels.

  6. I want a specific colour for my wrought iron outdoor furniture; can this be achieved with powder coating?

    In most cases, yes. Powder coating can be done in a multitude of colours, so please ask us for a list of the available colours.



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