Peter Garget


Innisfail Powder Coating was established in 1996 and Peter Garget continues to serve the needs of the Innisfail region for jobs both large and small. We also offer grit blasting to remove old paint and any rust that has formed on metal surfaces.
Powder coating is the process of spraying dry powder, which is a combination of plastic resins, pigments and fillers onto the surface of a metal item. The powder clings to the exterior before heat is applied to melt the powder into a liquid like form. The coating then blends together to create a smooth finish that is extremely durable.
Powder coating is an environmentally friendly finish containing no solvents. There is also little waste with powder coating as any overspray is reused. This also makes it a cost-effective solution for sealing your metal surfaces against corrosion.

Some of the objects which can be powder coated include:

  • Motorbike frames
  • Bull bars
  • Fence panels
  • Car parts
  • Wrought iron fixtures
  • Cast iron fixtures
  • Flyscreen doors
  • Aluminium window frames
  • Fabricated metal objects, including tool boxes
  • Garden furniture
Your newly powder-coated surface is easily maintained. Simply clean the overlay with warm water, a mild detergent and soft cloth. The finish is scratch resistant, chip-proof and resistant to chalking, making it a sound investment.